PRESS RELEASE: Ascent and The Secret There Below available December 7!

Analog Moon: Ascent and The Secret There Below
Analog Moon’s second full-length album, Ascent and The Secret There Below, will be available at select record stores as well as and at on December 7th, 2010. It is available for digital download from iTunes, as well as other digital distribution outlets such as AmazonMP3, eMusic, Zune, Rhapsody, and Napster

After relocating to Asheville, NC, in the fall of 2008 frontman Todd Britton began writing and recording demos for an unnamed project as a follow-up to the band’s 2007 release, A.M. Radio.  Britton teamed up with Asheville producer/musician Jon Ashley to begin recording the tracks that would later become Ascent and The Secret There Below.  Ashley contributed three songs to the album and co-wrote an additional with Britton.  The album was completed in the fall of 2010 and set to release on December 7th.

Analog Moon will be celebrating the release of the new album with two performances in January of 2011.  The first will be held at The House in Columbia, SC, on January 8, and the second will be held at Echo Mountain Recording in Asheville, NC, on January 21st.  Analog Moon’s current live lineup consists of Todd Britton on guitar, Jon Ashley on drums, Matt Gentling on bass, and Josh Sullivan on keys with each member contributing vocals.  Discounted CDs of the new album will be available at the January shows.

Soda City (single) FREE DOWNLOAD!

You’ve been so patient. 

Here it is – the long awaited first single from our forthcoming album Ascent and The Secret There Below

Analog Moon – Soda City
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This is the first peek at material from our new album, Ascent and The Secret There Below, which is due out this summer.  It was recorded at Echo Mountain in Asheville, NC as well as at our very own Circuit Rider Studios.  It was mastered by Dave Harris at Studio B in Charlotte, NC.

The rest is on the way!

New album coming this summer!

Analog Moon: Ascent and The Secret There Below

Analog Moon has begun mixing a new album which will be released in Summer 2010.  I approached Asheville producer/engineer/drummer Jon Ashley in late 2008 to begin development of a batch of songs that I’d begun writing earlier that year.  We spent the following year and a half recording those songs at Echo Mountain Recording along with some new pieces and some additions by Jon.  After revamping and rewriting for weeks and months, we’ve narrowed the pool to a core ten songs which we believe most appropriately convey the ideas of the project.

The album will be called Ascent and The Secret There Below.  I don’t want to reveal too much about the subject matter, as I believe these things are best left to interpretation by the listener.  I will say that I think the album represents a new phase for Analog Moon, and while there are similarities to our old sound, it’s a bold departure from anything we’ve done before.  Most of the instrumentation was performed by myself and Jon, but we did enjoy some collaboration from friends, old and new.  Ryan Monroe, while in town working on another project, lent his hand for some piano and electric piano parts.  Craig Larimer of Modo provided some electric piano as well.  Rusty Ginn also returned to the fold to add some organ parts and will possibly be performing live with the band again soon.  Asheville, NC via Columbia, SC musician Barrett Smith paid a visit and knocked out a spectacular upright bass part for a Jon Ashley composition.  Tentatively, the tracklist is as follows:

1. True Secrets of the Wiser
2. Soda City
3. Six Ways to Sunny Days
4. The Hillside Cries for Carmen Frye
5. At Algeciras
6. Alley Alley Adam
7. The Peoples Church
8. Marked for Number Nine
9. Marked (I’m Slipping Away)
10. Esther, You Wouldn’t Believe

As of now, we’re planning to release the album on our label, Circuit Rider.  We’re pushing very hard for a June release date, and will be celebrating the release here in Asheville and in our old home of Columbia.  We’ll be adding additional performances as well, as we put the final touches on the live configuration and performance.  We’ve worked very hard on this record, and needless to say, we’re very excited to get it out there and to see all of your faces again soon.  The first single, Soda City, will be available for your listening pleasure sometime over the next couple of weeks, so keep your ears peeled.  See you soon!

A word from Analog Moon…

Asheville, NC Analog Moon played its first gig on June 17, 2005. In the three years that followed, we met a lot of great people, played for some great crowds as well as for just the crew and the bartenders on some nights, driven for miles, and slept on a lot of couches. Most of all, we had a great time, and I’m very proud of what we’ve accomplished thus far. As many of you know, I’ve recently moved from Columbia to Asheville, NC. That move will bring about a lot of change for Analog Moon, most notably, a parting of ways between myself and my Columbia brethren.

So as Analog Moon enters a new phase, I’d like to personally thank the extremely talented musicians that played a part in its formative years. First, Rusty Ginn, who was there at the band’s conception deserves much credit for his ideas and patience while I brainstormed for the original direction of the project. Chris Jones, who signed on soon after, has also been a notable creative force and, aside from myself, has been the band’s longest running member. James Ervin has been an enormous source of energy and a fantastic bass player. Other members have included Chris Deaver, Brian Sansbury, Stephen Stokes, and Scott Crossley, all very talented musicians whom I’m lucky to have shared a stage or bar floor with. Ryan Monroe, Jeff Kozelski, and Dennis Ware have all contributed as well, whether it be in the studio or as last minute fill-ins to help us fulfill a gig obligation. To each of you I owe my appreciation.

As for what the future holds, I can’t tell. I’m continuing to write and explore more sonic ground. Analog Moon will continue, but in what format I do not know. I’m truly enjoying my time in Asheville and can’t wait to see how it influences my perception of music, art, and of the world in general. Analog Moon was always an experiment, the focal point of which is the unknown. In that realm, we’ve found favor. Here’s to continuing in that direction, whatever it may be.


February 13, 2008

The Moonbeamer Achtung! We’re transmittin’ on all available frequencies! Tune in to the following and hear Analog Moon doin’ its thing:

February 14, 10pm ET – Valentines Day! – XM Satellite Radio – Analog Moon will be featured once again on XM Sattelite Radio’s Channel 43, XMU. This week’s Radar Report is a unique one. XMU says, “We will be featuring our favorite bands that we have featured over the past two months.” Thanks, guys!

February 22, 4pm ET – WARQ 93.5 FM, Columbia, SC – Analog Moon will be appearing LIVE with Matt Lee promoting that night’s “Friday Night Live” Concert Series. Tune in from 4-6pm and then come out that night for some serious rock and roll when Analog Moon and SeepeopleS will take the stage at Headliners.

March 7, 4pm ET – WUSC 90.5 FM, Columbia, SC – Analog Moon will be appearing LIVE on The Columbia Beet.

June 1, 8pm ET – WXRY 99.3 FM, Columbia, SC – Analog Moon will be appearing LIVE on WXRY Unsigned.

Can’t get enough? Love your Analog Moon buddies and want to do anything you can to help them out? Contact your favorite radio station and request something from our new album, AM Radio. Here’s the scoop:

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