Debut of Analog Moon’s “2020” Live Stage Rig

New rig debut on May 4 at Local 604 in West AshevilleAfter months (years?) of burnt fingers, inhaled solder fumes, mild shocks, cuts, bruises, confusion, and revision hell, we’re debuting our updated live stage rig at Local 604 Bottle Shop in West Asheville on May 4.

For the technically-inclined/curious, the rig update included simplifying the hookup to the Ableton Live interface, a cleaner output panel on the “brain” (rack containing Audio and Midi interfaces, effects, DIs, and inputs from onstage mics and instruments), and the most significant update – four “station” interfaces with multi-channel EDAC snakes to send audio and data back and forth to the main rig of “brain”. These interfaces and the main panel were built with the help of Asheville Makers ( using CNC and laser cutting technology.

The guitar rig got an extensive upgrade, integrating it with the main rig and adding multi-channel snake cables to streamline setup. The keyboard rig got the same treatment along with a lighter keyboard controller to replace the Roland Fantom x8. The synth station got a small rig interface in Eurorack format, as we plan to phase out the Moogerfooger bank and replace it with a Eurorack system in the future.

So come out, say hello, drink a beer, and hang out while we stress test this thing.
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Main Rig

Guitar Rig

Keyboard Rig

Synth Rig